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I Don’t Joke With Human Lives -AY Comedian Wife Finally Opens Up on Issue With DSS

There were news making rounds yesterday regarding AY comedian and his wife Mabel Makun fuming about an unattended petition sent to DSS for over 6 months. The popular comedian wife pointed out that her life hasn’t been the same ever since the experience as she slipped into depression that took a toll on her. The comedian and his wife urged the state security to revisit the petition before they make the world know what it entails .

However, after much clamor and probably the agency not responding to their silent threats, the comedian wife decided to let the cat out of the bag. In her statement on her Instagram page, she wrote :

“Someone/some group of people out there are busy giving out new born babies to family without their knowledge and it is expected that I should be quiet? “

She went ahead to question the source where the babies are gotten from as they could have been stolen or probably some group of girls are been kidnapped and used for baby making . She went further to say she couldn’t just keep quiet and live life like nothing has happened as there were lot of tears behind her makeup and lifestyles been displayed on social media, as only those close to her knew what she went through. She further shared a stance those about those who are aware of the bizarre issue and chose to keep quiet that they needs to undergo a mental evaluation.

Popular actress Ruth Kadiri urged her to not relent in speaking out as they might try to silence her. She also prayed for Gods protection on her.

We pray the case is looked into as child trafficking isn’t a thing to joke with.

Source: Instablog

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