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Former Transgender Woman Shares The Revelation God Gave Her About LGBTQ+

These days coming out as LGBTQ+ is nothing new, when people decide to be open about their sexuality they are praised by many for not fighting it and coming out. Now people are encouraged to come out as LGBTQ+ even though it goes against what many religions preach. A TikToker and former LGBTQ+ member took to the video sharing platform, TikTok, to share her testimony and what God revealed to her concerning LGBTQ+.

Arianna Armour is a former transgender and former member of the LGBTQ+ community, in this video she shared her testimony of how God transformed her life and the revelation he gave to her.

Her words are;

“So how did I go from being transgender to transformed? I was praying to God one night and he gave me a vision it was like a short film in my head obviously I can’t show you the vision but I can tell you what happened. God told me I made men and women so that you can recreate and share the good news of my son, Jesus Christ, and I was like yeah I’ve heard that my whole life tell me something I don’t know.

He said, if the devil can convince somebody, a little boy or a little girl a man or a woman, that they are attracted to the same gender not only is he going against my will because the devil’s will is always against God’s; but the devil is cutting off entire family bloodlines and generations of people that I intended to be born will not exist for my glory, this is what God said. “

People who are homosexual can’t reproduce biologically this means that they are unable to create offspring’s and new generations of people. If you don’t meet the woman or the man that God has destined to be your partner, then you wouldn’t be able to create more people. People in the LGBTQ+ community are going against God’s will and cutting of generations of people and stopping the destinies of unborn children from being fulfilled.

This revelation sheds more light on why adopting LGBTQ+ laws into our nation and society can be harmful because it goes against the laws of creation. What is your view on this matter? Leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading.

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