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Songfacts and all you need to know about the Mind blowing Song titled "Best Love Song"

ItHey guys, this article is different and for you to understand all the information here you got to first listen to the amazing song first, "Best Love Song" by the one and only T-Pain featuring the romatic singer Christ Brown.

Trust me this song is one of the best collaboration ever, I could listen to this same song over a thousand times. So let's go -

This R&B/pop song was leaked from rapper T-Pain's fourth studio album RevolveR. The culprit behind the leak was no other than the Auto-Tune king himself. T-Pain decided he would start releasing the tracks as promotional singles. He said in his words:

"Since nobody wants to respect this from of art that you say we 'love' so much, I'm just gonna go ahead and start leaking the album myself tonight." Because of all his efforts the song became T-Pain's first Top 40 hits since "Freeze".

The song features Christ Brown, who contributed some unprocessed vocals. And together they collaborated on "Freeze" T-Pain stated during an interview that when it comes to love songs, Brown is the bomb. "If I'm making the best love song I can ever make, I gotta get the person that I love all of their love songs",

For the collaboration he says of Chris: "You know how he writes all the melodies - what better person to get than the one you got to love when it comes to things like this." In a nutshell he was simply saying that Chris Brown is the right man for the job. Chris must be feeling different with this.

And this is where you know gifted singer, T-Pain came up with this song's tittle before the lyrics. He says:

"I didn't even write the song; once I named it, I just went in the booth the blurted out whatever came to my head. Chris came to the studio while I was doing it, and he refused to NOT be part of the song, so I told him to go in the booth and do the same thing I did, don't try to write nothin' down, just go there and let's get it done. And he just blurted out lyrics and it came out really nice."

And that is how we have the song "Best Love Song". Chris did most of the song, their cooperation was really mind blowing.

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