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From Ikorodu to Hollywood: 10 things Nigerian Teens and Youths must Learn from Ikorodu Bois

There is a famous saying that people don't celebrate you when you are struggling, they begin to praise you when you're famous.

Of course, this is true, who would have thought I'll be writing about Ikorodu boys. 

Yeah, you can call them for boys from the ghetto, posting parody videos on social media, trying to mimic your favourite celebrities and entertain people. 

Well, that is how I saw Ikorodu boys. Not until recently, when I began to observe them, and I discovered there are so many things to learn from these boys from ikorodu. 

I'm sure everyone is talking about Ikorodu boys. 

Netflix sent them filmmaking equipment worth millions of naira. In the month of naira and a few months back in June, they were invited to Hollywood by International filmmakers Russo Brothers to watch the premiere of a new movie titled "Extraction 2" in May. 

It is worth celebrating, Nigerians are proud of them, and of course, they deserve all the accolades they are enjoying right now.

Now the question is, How Did these Ikorodu Boys get here?

After taking my time to research about them, I came up with ten things Nigerian youths and teenagers must learn from ikorodu Bois. 

Believe in yourself

When Ikorodu Bois started shooting their content on Instagram, I am sure they were discouraged by a lot of people. 

 Some told them to read their books and stop wasting their time. 

Education is more critical, and they cannot achieve anything y posting videos on social media. 

Or maybe some people would have believed that, how can you guys want to mimic videos of celebrities, it doesn't make any sense. 

But the truth is, it is evident that these boys started as nobodies, with little or no support. 

 They believed in themselves and were ready to give everything they had to their craft and today is paying off. 

The desire to achieve anything in life starts from the mind. 

Once you can believe in what you are doing, you don't need to force anyone to believe in you.

Allow your result to speak for you.

And this leads me to the second point.


Start Small

One of the significant problems Nigerian youths and teenagers have is that they want to start Big. 

Most people want to be perfect before they start. They want to get their equipment, like camera, microphone a good laptop and some standard gadgets before they start. 

And the truth is except you have the money, and the resources to get these items immediately, you may never start. 

The best thing to do is to start, and with time, you will be able to raise money to get the equipment you desire. 

You don't need the world's approval to begin whatever you believe.

You have to look inward, look at what you have, and begin to use it to create what you want.

No Instagram comedian that I know in Nigeria today started with the best equipment. Lasisi, Taaooma, Broda Shaggi, Sydney Talker, Maraji, name them all started small. 

Go back and check the quality of their early videos. 

 The quality was inferior. Some skits were not funny, they made mistakes, and all these didn't stop them from starting. 

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to succeed in anything. 

There is nobody that starts as an expert. We all begin as amateurs, make mistakes, and keep learning to improve on them until we figure it out.

Ikorodu Bois have been doing this for years, consistently posting contents on social media. 

Even when people were not noticing them, they built their Instagram from zero followers to hundreds of followers thousands. 

There were days some skits that went viral, and some didn't meet up to expectations.

They were broke, theY needed financial support, but the truth was that they didn't give up. 

That is consistency. 

No matter what you do or learn, if you're not consistent, you won't succeed. 

Strive to Get Better

If if you watch the quality of videos that Ikorodu Boys produced when they began, you will see how much they've grown in terms of creativity, quality of production and acting. 

All these are as a result of self-improvement. Time is the only factor that helps self-improvement. 

You need to sit down and learn something. 

Focus on your area of Strength 

The problem most people have is that they want to do many things at the same time. 

The ability to focus in a particular area and learn as much as you can is paramount to success. 

When you're focused, your thought, action and energy channels to a particular direction. 

Ikorodu Bois knew their area of focus is making parody videos, and they were consistent in that niche. 

 Not until they got attention and recognized in that niche. 

That is consistency.  

Don't allow anyone Intimidate You

One of the reasons most youths and teenagers are not pursuing their dream is that they easily get intimidated. 

They are easily Intimidated by competition and friends. 

You need to learn how to shut your ears to negative criticism if you must go far. 

If you allow what people say get to you all the time, you won't achieve anything monumental in life. 

If Davido allowed his critics to intimate him from singing, he would not be one of the biggest artistes from Africa. 

You don't need to be exceptionally talented to start. 

When talent doesn't work hard, hard work will beat talent hands down. 

Put Your Self Out There / Leverage on Social Media

The power of social media is indescribable. One viral video can change your life forever. 

Showcase your gift for the world to see. 

Ikorodu Bois didn't just create video and relax. They posted their videos on various social media platforms. 

And with time, their fan base began to increase, and they started getting media interviews and features from International media organization like CNN and BBC. 

Take Bold Steps and Be Strategic

This is an attribute of Ikorodu Bois. Ikorodu Bois have done a lot of daring and unbelievable videos. 

They made videos on viral and controversial contents. 

This quality helped rise to fame in no time. 

There was a time they did a parody video of Senator Dino Melaye. 

They did one of Davido, and he ended up giving them one million nairas. 

The boldness to recreate Burnsla Boys "Wonderful" video is commendable. 

This unique feature is what stood them out amidst many. 

Team Work 

The cooperation among Ikorodu Bois is commendable. 

These teenagers have been together for a long time, creating content, and we can see how much they put individually to achieve each video. 

Most people think the world must revolve around them. 

Well, there is a popular saying that "if you want to go fast, go alone" but "if you want to go far, go with a group". 

Be Proud of Your Root 

You can't takeaways the fact that Ikorodu boys are proud of the community they grew up in. 

The name Ikorodu Bois address every question about their roots. 

Calling themselves Ikorodu Bois shows, how much they cherish and value where they are coming from. 

The originality speaks volume. 

They are not trying imitate other people's content, they are adapting ideas and in their local way, recreating this idea to make people happy. 

If you find this article interesting, share it, so that other can read and benefit from it.

Content created and supplied by: Mc_Agabzy (via Opera News )

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