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Do You Remember Baba Suwe ?See Funny Pictures From His Movies.

Do You Remember Baba Suwe? See Funny Pictures From His Movies.

Baba suwe is commonly known as a comedian who has been in movies for a very long time in the Yoruba movie industry. He is so funny to the extent that if you are feeling any kind of sadness or sorrow in your heart just put one of his movies on and you will be up and running again.

Have known him I mean personally to be a funny man, I mean very funny actor since when I was a child, I grew up watching his movies must of the times we abandon our homework to watch him next door, Imagine that.

He has been in the industry for over two decades, do you know that he also has a wife moladun do you remember? but she is dead and I think her death brought sorrow and unhappiness on our Baba Suwe he just suddenly relented in his jokes performance in firms.

He is also said to be sick sometimes ago but thank God he is now hale and hearty. Even the vice president of this country donated money for him that time, this is only for you to know how much popular he is.

Please what do you think about baba suwe?

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