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23 Hilarious memes to spice up your day (part 9)

Hello famz. I have not been able to post for like two weeks but now I am here again to give you the best of the best when it comes to memes. What makes my posts special is that they are not only funny but also relatable and they are mostly about things that happen to us at happened to us. Also you can copy them and post them on your social media and they'll gain you more friends. So to get the best out of this, Follow me now and like like the post to receive memes and jokes. Without wasting our time, let's move straight to the main stuff.





Now let's supplement them with some jokes.

17. My brother, any girl who starts a chat with* *"Sweetheart "and she is not your girl, just know that she is about to ask you for something. Bro!! just go offline and protect your wallet!!!.. * * This Message is brought to byMinistry Of Finance.

18. stop replying people with HMMMMM WHEN CHATTING IT remind some of them the money they lost in MMM.

19. This year (2020) have been so hard that even witch who use to give free food in dreams have stop. 

20. As soon as she gives you her password.The last message will be from 2011. So my sister are you saying you were not talking to anybody in 7 years. My brothers after God fear women. Lemme come & be going.

21. on the day of my marriage, the priest must not say that who ever that has something to say should stand up and speak I dont trust my village witches they are capable of doing anything.

22. welcome to Nigeria where Jesus will sent you a message on social media threatening to kill you if you dont share and comment.

23. A missing guy was seen by his parent easily,all thanks to Facebook but the problem was that he was unable to walk freely again with out being arrested cos the post was still been shared around groups on daily basis with the caption "missing yesterday".

Thanks to you all for ready. Please if you haven't followed me go and do that immediately so as not to miss on more memes and jokes to come...

Don't let us get to the stage of shooting one another. So just "jejely" like the post now so as not to incur my wrath.

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HMMMMM Sweetheart


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