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"Getting Married Below The Age Of 25 Is Like Leaving A Nightclub At 9pm" - Lady Says

A lady with Twitter handle @Alumbeaofficial has taken to the platform's networking site to reveal the age bracket she thinks is right for singles to consider getting married.

Taking to her Twitter handle, the curvaceous netizen say that in her own thought, it is too early for a single lady/guy to consider getting married when he or she is still well below the age of 25 years.

Clarifying her stance, she relates marrying below the age of 25 to someone leaving a nightclub as early as 9pm. He assertion has since attracted Twitter users attention who took advantage of the opportunity her tweet offered them and trolled her for making such an insensitive statement and discouraging the singles from getting married early.

"Getting married below the age of 25 is like leaving the club at 9pm." She wrote

Check out screenshot of Twitter users reactions to her tweet below:

However, in Nigeria, there is no specified age for one to get married, though there are some age bracket that are considered minors. The issue of age in marriages across Nigeria is mostly determined by tribe, religion, choices and most importantly, tradition.

Going by what is obtainable in Southeast of which majority of them are Christians, there's no set age for one to get married. Their men marry when they feel they have what it takes to take care of their own family while their ladies mostly marry when they are done with their studies.

What are your thoughts?

When is right for a lady or a young man to consider getting married?

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