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How Davido Ran To Mo'Hits And Got Omo-Baba Olowo From Wande Coal

How Davido grew up to become a mega gang star is what I don't know about. But I know that Davido ran away from home in Stone House, Lekki when his father didn't want him to go into music. Davido was staying with Mo'Hits at Maryland and the name Omo Baba Olowo was given to him by Wande Coal. When his father eventually allowed him to go into music, he gave Davido 1Million Dollars to set up his label, studio and everything. Also gave him space in one of his properties to operate from. No one in the industry has had the opportunities he had.

Although I don't like Davido because he can be childish and irresponsible at times, but that guy is a workhorse. He struggles more than many upcoming artistes. He doesn't relent and tries to stay on top of his game. He has made the 1 million dollars many times over.

The difference between him and his dad is that he began to wear earrings and have tattoos as he grew older but his dad didn't as he also grew older. Proof that your children grow to become what you trained them to be. Davido's grand dad would have disowned Davido's dad if he came home one day with earrings and tattoos because their generation had this sense of decency. He works really hard as if he's the child of a nobody. Out of all his siblings, I think he's the only one who doesn't work in one of his father's companies. But I think HKN is registered as a subsidiary of his father's group of companies.

His work ethic is crazy. Songs upon songs. Another thing is that if you are with him, you can't afford to be lazy. Just put your mind at what you want to do and Davido would support you with his own resources. I Watched another interview where he talked about blow my mind with Chris Brown that the song was actually supposed to be Davido ft Chris Brown and meek Mills but both did not agree to be on the last verse that meek Mills said either he is on the 2nd verse or take him off d track Chris Brown said same. He had to remove meek Mills.

Most of the kids of rich Nigerians are into music most of them don't really make it big Ben Murray Bruce son. The guy is so wack that his father radio station and TV station don't even play his jam. But Davido hustles more than the boys on the street so let give him that respect. In what ever you do, always do it well because you don't know where your luck will shine.

I'm suprised we still have young people here possessing your kind of mentality,wearing ear rings does not signify indecency as decency is in the mindset of an individual..Your religion could forbid such dressing but you u don't have to impose it on others..Learn to respect people's right!

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