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Remember Samrat "In Lies Of The Heart"? Check Out 12 Of His Throwback Pictures

ZEE WORLD: Throwback Pictures of Samrat Singh Rathore

Samrat Singh Rathore whose real name is Mohit Malik, is a cast and an actor in Zee World movies, who never respected anyone, be you his mother or father. He does everything the way he feels it will suit him, without considering other people's feeling.

Samrat is always full or bad intentions, always out to plot one evil or the other against his fellow human being. Mind you, it's a movie, not a real life story. Samrat really dealt with Urmi, caused her a lot of pains.

Samrat first got married to Urmi who endured all his assaults till when it became unbearable for her that she had to divorce him. Samrat never bothered or felt sorry for provoking his wife by sleeping with another woman, doing all manner of things, instead he always feel he's right. He went ahead to get married again to Taani after brain washing her. When Taani found out the whole truth it became too late for her to take action.

Samrat, Shaurya and Urmi


Samrat gave birth to a baby boy, Shaurya, who he never regarded as his son but always interested in his selfish desires. See the image of Samrat, Urmi and Shaurya above.

Samrat is just an exact replica of his mother, who always delight in doing evil. Whenever they are caught, you see them covering up with their confusing laughter.

Samrat and Urmi

As times went by, Urmi later divorced with Samrat and fell in love with her best friend, confidant and a lawyer, Ishaan Sinha. They both lived happily till death separated them. If not for Samrat's evil plans, he wouldn't have died.

See more of Samrat's pictures from the movie:

Whenever his face is like this, know that he is pretending to be innocent.

Once his face changes like this, know that he's surprised that his plans is about or have been ruined.

Samrat always making calls, causing pains to many people.

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