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Mr Ibu was only trying to be funny, he did not mean what he said

Mr Ibu has made almost every Nigerian laugh with his creative way of carrying out his movie roles funnily and efficiently. Mr Ibu, who is formally known as John Ikechukwu Okafor, is considered the most talented and brightest comic character in Nollywood.

It came as a disappointing shock to many Nigerians Mr Ibu's opinion on the currently raging pandemic Covid-19. He claimed that the whole pandemic drama is completely a scam in Nigeria. Obviously, Mr Ibu will not be the only Nigerian who believes that coronavirus is a scam in Nigeria, there are millions of people out there who strongly hold on to this idea of not believing that covid-19 is real.

Mr Ibu expressed himself openly about what he feels about covid-19. He claims that he has no fear for the virus and also believes that the sickness is being exaggerated, and that it is not as severe as people and the government presented it to be.

While stating that nobody has died in his area of the virus, it became sure to him that the whole report about the raging effects of the virus is false. It is very disheartening that many Nigerians met his statement with harsh reactions. Mr Ibu was only trying to draw attention to himself, many celebrities survive on public appearances and since the effect of the virus has caused a total lockdown across the country, these celebrities have to find a way to maintain their public appearances by making unnecessary public drama.

Nobody should take Mr Ibu serious because covid-19 is real. Mr Ibu did not remember that the economy of a country is very important, and the government of such country will never joke with its economy by falsely announcing a sickness that was never there.

Just because nobody has died in your area does not mean that you should live carelessly and believe that the virus does not exist, this is nothing other than divine protection from God, and you should be thankful for that. Mr Ibu is a comic actor, it is in his DNA, nobody should take him serious.

However, I will personally advise people not to follow the trend of not believing the virus is not real, please always ensure to wash your hands with soap and water, use your nose and face mask, maintain social distancing and pray.

May God protect everybody. Thank you

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