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Laugh Till You Get Tired, With These 23 Funny Memes And Jokes.

Laugh Till You Get Tired, With These 23 Funny Memes And Jokes.

1. When you buy a new shoe but no one cares.

2. Who can solve this kind of problem.

4. When your friend is a certified Library.

5. Ever since that day.

6. Is he an orphan?

7. This my friends, is why you should not pray dangerous prayers.

8. Is it true that what a man can do, a woman can do better?

9. Why are you flying our color?

10. Neymar's legacy.

11. When your village people don't want to leave you alone.

13. Tell him we did not cook today.

14. Do the math.

15. This is how to regulate birth control in Africa.

16. At this moment, you know you are in trouble.

17. Don't worry, I will go twice.

18. America versus Nigeria, Barney versus Bamidele.

19. Imagine this logic.

20. Four Minutes later.

21. Why won't it happen, when you are always pressing your phone.

22. Did he wait outside?

23. And this my friends is the best way.

Hope you had fun with these 23 pictures, memes and jokes, and laughed your heart out.

Which pictures did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments section.

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