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Our heritage, our own, our pride

As a Nigerian, growing up I so much admired

the white race and desired to be like them, but

while growing up I realized these set of

persons don't care about the black race and

where only trying so hard to be responsible for

everything good life making them more like

gods over the black race, with this

understanding I think Africa must be

independent and self sufficient for herself, but

Africans will not let it happen I speak with

respect to our own meals and snacks, why

sort for a name when we already have one for

example: akara, moi moi and many morel

can't remember but this applies to all spheres

of life we as Africans must learn to respect

our own and stop trying to complete

ourselves with another man's ideas that have

little or no regard for our race, our own is our

pride and heritage let us respect it

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