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See How Movie Producers Make Crowd In Their Movies (Photos)

A lot of people might have been wondering how Producers pay crowd in their Movies.

The truth is that most of these crowd we see in Movies are not real crowd, because the Producers have their ways. Let check out how Producers make Crowd in their Movies.

Technology has really improved and it has make some things easier. We all know that Producers might go bankrupt if they decide to pay millions of people for just one Movie, so they have invented different ways of making Crowd in Movies.

Let's check them out.


Copying and pasting of small groups of people.

In the photo above, you can see that the same group of people appeared multiple times. They can get about twenty people and copy and paste them until they become thousands of people.


Sometimes they will ask the same set of people to wear different outfits and capture them until they become thousands of people, sometimes they will add props to make it look like thousands of people are there.


Fake crowd

Sometimes they make use of plastic people, the plastic will be dressed up like humans and people will not even notice.

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