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Remember The Movie Apocalypto? See Photos While They Where Making The Movie

This very movie titled Apocalypto has gone viral, all over the world. This is due to the quality and time taken to make the movie.

While this movie was been made, alot of time was taken and many at some point incured injuries, but this did not make The actors or actresses in the mofor stop, they kept on going because they knew what they where after.

In the making of this movie Apocalypto they kept almost everything in real visual quality. Like in scene while they where throwing dead bodies down the cliff after removing there hearts for sacrifices it was a total camera affect, it was not real. You can take a look at the image above.

In this movie they showed how technology has gone far, in the movie industry by producing quality and rare images.

They where also good in terms of acting, the make-ups and energy they actors put in making the movie look real.

While most movies don't make us feel tired or retarded in watching it, is because of the quality it has.

This movie titled "Apocalypto" is amongst the realistic movies, with lots of interesting actions I have ever watched.

Below are lots of scenes from the movie. If you really watched the movie you will see some scenes you could remember, for example when Jaguar paw was about killing the enemy in his forest and many more.

Take your time and go through them below.


All kudos goes to the production teams, the make-up artiste and many more who made a positive effect to ensure the movie came out this nice.

Thi movie is a description that handiwork really pays.

Did you enjoy the movie?

Would you like to re-watch the movie once more?

Who was your Ideal actor in the movie?

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Apocalypto The Movie


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