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See Comments As People React After Dad Flogged His Daughter Over Joining A Group Chat (PHOTOS).

Lots of people on the social media have reacted to a trending occurrence where a Nigerian dad flogged his 18-year-old daughter for joining a WhatsApp group he warned her against.

Many see this action as something wrong, while some supported it.

See the video below:

Thus, below are comments made by people as pertaining this:

"Let’s stop using “She’s 18” to justify parental disobedience. There are better options than flogging your kids but it is not an abuse if you get disciplined for disobeying your parents."

"Tbt, African parents are the major reasons why most youths are useless, they are over possessive thinking they are protecting you, it's love we know, but sometimes when u reach some age, u need to do somethings on ur own. This dad really did something that's gross."

"most of us are raised this way and we turn out to become useful to ourself and the society, at my age there still some silly things i cnt do koz of home training,Yah all really trying hard to emulate those that end up raising drug addicts all in the name of being a nice parents."

"She’s 18 and still needs a beating. So all the beatings she’s gotten growing up haven’t done a thing? If she still needs a beating at 18, what happens at 25 when she makes an error? Still a beating? What’s the age where you no longer get one? Because even old folk make mistakes." 

"Look round at your society and tell me what it looks like. Most of the Yahoo boys you see today, you think they weren't flogged as children? The people that defend them nko? Our society is not ideal and we can make adjustments."

See the screenshots below for more comments:

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