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After A Man Evicted The Family He Helped Because They Were Ungrateful, See How People Reacted

A video explaining how and why a man evicted a family from the house he rented for them surfaced online. In the lengthy video, the family who was living in a wooden house were evicted by the man who found them in the slums because they were ungrateful.

Well, a few weeks ago, a good Samaritan and his foundation decided to help a family after he found a boy In the street. He followed the boy to meet his parents and offered to help them. He moved them out of the wooden house they live in and also offered them a new place. He promised to pay their children's school fees and take care of their feeding. Please note that all this was done through a crowdfunded account.

However, after the apartment was gotten by this man and his foundation, things went well until neighbours started complaining about the family's behaviour. The family were accused of noise-making, mismanagement of water, causing trouble, miss management of water in the house. Also, the man who helped them accused the family of saying bad things behind his back.

In the lengthy video seen on Olamide Foundation TV, the family were eventually evicted but they refused to go to another apartment, saying that they prefer to go back to their old house.

Watch The Videos Here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

After the family was evicted, many people have been reacting to this post. A lot of people advised that he considered the children, while others said the parents should have apologised. Other people advised the helper to be calm.

Here are some reactions:

However, the man who helped the family shared another video here, narrating what happened.

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