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30 Photos Of This Award-Winning Nollywood Actress In Bikini Outfits

Nigeria is one country that each day I look at, I see every reason while it was tagged the giant of Africa. Amidst a myriad of oddities rocking her boat, the country is still blessed with abundant natural resources, rich cultural heritage and most importantly, good men and women. 

About their women, they're naturally gifted, resourceful and talented. On account of things like their invaluable skills in dancing, acting, singing, etc, that have become popular and widely known across boarders. Today, Nigeria has their women recognized internationally as ambassadors of notable brands, CEO's, powerful investors. As a result, many perhaps most of them go for vacations once in a while to have an incredible view about life. 

On the strength of that, a remarkable Nigerian movie super star is in the news. Her lovely name is Chika Ike and she hails from Anambra State. The award winning super star who has appeared in well over hundred movies was born on the 8th day of November, in the year of our Lord, 1985.

Chika is equally enterprising in her business ventures. Through her investments, it became known that she is a hardcore philanthropist who goes about affecting the lives of those around her in many ways than one. However, the fact that she finds time to hang out and engage in fun filled vacations is interesting. But all the more amazing is the fact that she equally finds time to share those incredible moments she always has with her teeming fans.

Hence, here are a good number of her photos dressed in a bikini outfit in those remarkable places she goes for vacation every now and again; 

For more of her pictures, click HERE to see more of her beautiful pictures on Instagram.

Merely looking at these nice pictures, I'm one of those genuinely informed people who think Chika is beautiful. But if you think otherwise, let's have your reasons on the comment section. 

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