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One thing that was observed after Queen revealed to Whitemoney, she wanted to get intimate with Cross

Love grows and no matter how hard a man tries to suppress it, provided he's with the lady almost all the time and she gives him the love and attention he's seeking for, at some point, his love for her will become glaring. Although Whitemoney and Queen, who seemed quite close in the Big Brother Naija house, believe they aren't in love, especially as the man said his interest is in Jackie B, while the lady sees him as the assistant boyfriend, after their conversation last night, it seems Whitemoney has started feeling something else.

Whitemoney was quite upset with Queen after she revealed to him that she would want to sleep with him and Cross. The guy asked if their relationship was just all about sleeping with someone and not something more.

He said further that he could sleep with anyone outside the house if he wanted to, but for her to say so now hurts him. Although Queen apologized for hurting his feelings, Whitemoney went further to state that he can't trust her any longer.

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He seems to be falling in love with the lady:

One thing I observed about this is that Whitemoney is gradually falling in love with Queen. Perhaps it's not strong enough, but for a man to really lament this way, to a lady he could probably be seeing as a friend, means something more has started to creep up. 

We all have this sense of jealousy in us as humans, which isn't a vice, provided it's well managed and it comes into play more when what you're thinking is yours gradually gets shared with others, especially if your heart is already there. Although he hasn't officially popped the question to her yet, if it were someone else that revealed that to him, he may not have been as saddened as he was after the revelation.

Do you think they could have something more together, after their stay in the house?

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