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Reactions as man searches for a girl who was little bridesmaid with him as a ring bearer 26 years ago

A male Facebook user who is simply known by his Facebook username as Damilola Oduolowu has after much searches for a girl whom he met 26 years ago, taken to one of the leading Facebook groups, Rant HQ to make a post about the girl.

Damilola from his post is now 30 years old. From the calculation, he was 4 years old when fate brought him to the girl in question. They met in his uncle's wedding at Oyo. As little kids, they were both chosen as Ring - Bearer and Little Bridesmaid respectively. 26 years down the line, he considered it right to search for her because each time he come across the picture they snapped during the Wedding, the past memories of their meeting keep popping up.

See the picture below:

(Little Damilola and the girl)

The memory of the past has made him wondered where that little girl (who by now should be a well blown lady) should be by now and what she is up to. Though not stated, it is possible that Dami had a harmless and innocent crush on her during the Wedding Ceremony. That explains why he is in dire need of finding her now because, obviously, she wasn't the only little girl he knew way back.

(Present Picture of Damilola Oduolowu)

Unfortunately for him, he can't remember the name of the girl nor her surname because that would have made his search easier, most especially now that the world is now a global village. He said he has asked his aunt and anyone that may have known about the little girl but none of them was able to help him with any useful information.

According to his aunt, the girl was the child of her neighbor. Apparently, due to relocation and all that, she lost contact with her, which makes the whole thing more cumbersome.

Read his story below:

After he has submitted the post which seemed very touching and intriguing, the members of the group ended up dropping their thoughts on Damilola's search.

One of them wished him Goodluck in his search and hope that she is still single for them to reunite and possibly start a relationship journey together.

Another expressed how lovely his story is and also wished him luck in his search

Others reacted differently.

At this juncture, we can only remember him in our prayers so that he can find her. Meanwhile, while we pray, we can make it easier for him by sharing this content with your friends and loved ones on Facebook and other social media.

We wish him the best in his search!

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Damilola Little Bridesmaid Oyo


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