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Top 5 Movies Parents Should Never Allow Their Kids To Watch.

As a parent with kids still growing up they are some movies you need to censor or stop your kid for watching, today I will be giving you an insight to those movies. without wasting your time let get down to the business of today.

1. Second chance.

It has a poor storyline, and confusing one at that. It is a Hollywood movie filled with pornographic content. Parents should prevent their kids from watching this movie.

2. Kiss and Kill.

It takes our number 2 spot on the list, the movie scene is not advisable for under 18 kids to watch, so please parent avoid your kids from watching it.

3. Spartacus.

Many Nigerians know about Spartacus because it is a popular movie, it has a nice story line, but the way people get killed in the movie is not good, if kids watch this movie it set a violent mind in them, and some scene in the movie is bad for under age kids.

4. Game of thrones

The movie is no doubt the best series ever made. It has a nice storyline but the pornographic content is not good for children.

5. Dying to get wet.

It is a good movie, with a nice storyline, in the movie a species of carnivours fishes is seen feeding on humans. But it is not good for children.

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