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Is Queeneth Hilbert The Queen Of Epic Movies? See Some Of Her Set Pictures

In the Nollywood Movie Industry, there Actors who have made a particular role their specialty. They are being known with that type of roles. There are some who specialize more in a particular genre of movie. They might as well do other type of movies, but they are well known in a particular type of movies. There are Actors who are well known in Romantic movies. There are Actors who are well known in Comedy movies. There are actors who are well known in action movies. There are Actors who are well known in Horror movies. There are Actors who are well known in Epic movies. One of the Actors who have specialized in Epic movies is beautiful Queeneth Hilbert.

Queeneth Hilbert has made Epic movies her centre of concentration in the movie industry. She has specialized in delivering different epic movie roles. The roles are ranging from acting as a Princess, a beautiful maiden that the Prince want to die for, a priestess that is so beautiful and powerful, a queen with so much powers and a lot more

Queeneth Hilbert is so good at delivering epic movie roles. Little wonder she has been featured more in Epic movies than other types of Nollywood movies. She is very versatile and talented. She is proving to be the Queen of Nollywood Epic movies. There is definitely no comparison with her and her colleagues for who rules in Epic movies.

Queeneth Hilbert doesn't feature only in Epic Movies. She has only made Epic movies her area of specialization. She has equally featured in a lot of Romantic movies, action movies and more. She is a raw talent in the industry. She is beautiful too.

Queeneth Hilbert was born and bred in the beautiful city of Enugu to a Lebanese father and a Nigerian mother from Ebonyi State. She grew up in the Coal City of Enugu where she had both her primary and secondary education. The beautiful Queeneth went into modelling straight after secondary school and then later delved into acting.

Queeneth Hilbert is not just a Nollywood Actress, she is equally a model. She competed for the Miss Tourism Nigeria Beauty Pageant and came out as first runner-up. She is doing both modelling and acting at the same time. She is doing absolutely great in both fields of endeavour. Queeneth Hilbert has got a lot to offer in both fields.

Queeneth Hilbert is definitely the Queen of Epic movies. She has done quite a lot of them. Some of the Epic movies she has featured in include The following: Brave Mind, Sins Of The Past, Hand Of Fate, The Exotic Palace Slave, The Silver Maiden, Marry Me Over And Over Again, The Royal Goddess, Queen Against Queen, Royal Love, Queens Butterfly and a lot more.

Queeneth Hilbert is a beautiful light-skinned Actress. She is always glowing even on set. See some of her Epic movie set pictures below.

You can see she is the Queen of Epic movies. She is so adorable in those Epic costumes.

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Epic Horror Queeneth Hilbert The Queen Of Epic Movies


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