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6 Celebrities who were homeless, and their Success stories

We have all heard rags-to-riches stories such as Cinderella in our lives, but many believe that those are just fairy tales. However, sometimes those stories do come true, proving that anyone can become a star, even when they are at their lowest.Here are 6 famous people who were homeless.

(1) Jewel Kilcher

She is best known for her soulful ballads, but has also dabbled in other genres as well. Raised in Homer, Alaska, Julie and her father would earn a living by singing in bars and taverns. As she grew up, she learned to play the guitar. When she was 15 years old, she moved out of her father's house and lived in an unheated cabin for a time, horseback riding or hitchhiking into work each day. By 1993, Julie decided to move down south. She began writing her own songs and performing them in coffee houses. It wasn't easy. However, while living in Southern California, she was turned out of her apartment and was forced to live out of her car to make ends meet. She drove around the country, singing in cafes and working as a barista. Jewel was discovered by Inga Vishtein in August 1993. After another singer told her about a girl that sang in a local coffee shop, Curious, she drove out with a representative from Atlantic Records after the show. They called the head of the company and asked him to pay for the girls' demo tools. Their debut album, Pieces of You, was released in 1995. She has sold over 30 million albums worldwide.

(2) Steven Jobs

His parents were a young, unwed Syrian couple. His mother came to San Francisco to give birth, and he was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. They struggled at first, as Jobs was a difficult child. As he grew, he became fascinated by his adoptive father's mechanical work, which gave him an outlet. By the time he was 10 years old, he had to develop a love of electronics. He had also befriended many of the engineers in their neighborhood. He had difficulty with children his own age. Traditional schooling bored him, but he was hungry for knowledge at the same time. He was headed off to read at a college in Portland, Oregon. However, the college was very expensive and working parents had a difficult time affording it. They used their life savings to get him into the best school that they could. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough for a dorm room. In a 2005 commencement speech for Stanford University, Jobs admitted that during his time at Reed College, he was homeless and slept on the floor of a friend's dorm room. He would return empty Coca-Cola bottles for money to buy food and get free weekly meals. from the local Hari Krishna temple.

(3) Jennifer Lopez

As a child, her family had little money but still wanted the best for their three daughters. Lopez and her sisters were enrolled in singing and dancing lessons. Her parents said it was to keep them out of trouble and would also teach them a good work ethic. While in her final year of high school, Lopez learned about a film that was casting teenage girls for small parts. She auditioned for “my little girl” in 1986 and received a role. It was at that moment that Lopez realized acting was her dream. She wanted her parents to be happy, so she enrolled in Baruch College. After one semester, she dropped out and told her parents about her dream. They insisted that no Latinos did that and that it was a bad idea. The disagreement caused Lopez to leave the family home when she was 18 years old. She had nowhere to go and ended up homeless. She spent many nights sleeping on a cot in dance studios, but she didn't give up. Within a year, Lopez had become a fine young dancer and danced her way into the spotlight. Her net worth is above $320 million.

(4) Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is one of the best known comedians in the industry. His roles as a pet detective and many others have tickled her funny bones and made us go far with laughter. However, things weren't always so bright and cheery for the funny man. Before he became a multi-millionaire. He was just a kid with a dream, and Carrey was growing up in Ontario, Canada. His father lost his accounting job. Before long, the family lost their home and were forced to live in a Volkswagen camper van for 8 months while Kerry's father looked for a new job. by the time he was 16 years old. Carrie herself dropped out of school and began working full time as a janitor. He later described these as some of his darkest years. His only outlet was his comedy. He began performing standup routines at small local clubs. At first, he struggled, but as time went on, he was able to polish his act. He went from open-mic nights to paid shows as his reputation improved. By the early 1980s, Carrey was a rising star in comedy and even opened for comedian Rodney Dangerfield on tour in Las Vegas. By 1994, Carrie broke into the film industry. He was cast as the lead in Ace Ventura.

(5) Ed Sheeran

Before he came into the spotlight, he sang in a local church choir. He began recording music in 2004 and performing in small venues. However, between 2008 and 2010, he sometimes found himself without a bed to sleep in. At times, he had to sleep on the central line or outside Buckingham Palace while playing guitar in and around London. Other times, he would stay with friends, moving from couch to couch. He even admitted that sometimes, at the end of the show, he'd ask the audience if anyone had somewhere he could spend the night. Despite some of the struggles he went through during his early career, He decided to buy a ticket to Los Angeles. In April 2010, He only had one gig lined up, but his mind decided to go anyway. After that one gig, he played open mic nights all over the city. He was performing one night when he was spotted by Jamie Foxx, who was impressed by his sharing skills. He offered to let Shirin use his recording studio and stay in his Hollywood home for a while. 

(6) Sylvester Stallone

In the early 1970s, Stallone was living on the streets. He'd been evicted from his apartment and was forced to find work fast. In order to make ends meet, Stallone appeared in an Off Broadway stage play and several small film roles throughout the early 70s. He even appeared in a softcore film for which he was paid $200. However, it still wasn't enough. in desperate need of cash. Stallone sold his dog for $50, or so the story goes. Following this heartbreaking decision, Stallone began writing. It took him nearly four days. At the end of it, he came up with the idea of Rocky, the story of a down and out boxer. It still wasn't easy. However, Stallone attempted to sell the script to several studios, but they all turned him down when he insisted on playing the lead himself. Eventually, Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff took an interest in this script, but weren't keen on Stallone as the lead. Stallone was unwilling to negotiate, and the three eventually came to an agreement. They certainly didn't expect the film to become so successful. Rocky was nominated for multiple awards, including Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay.

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