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10 Things Eminem Fans Want From His Next Album

10 Things Eminem Fans Want From His Next Album

As one of the maximum influential rappers of our time, Eminem is still going strong together with his music. Here is what we need to look in his next album.

Throughout extra than two decades of his career, Eminem has positioned out a few classic and some now not-so-tremendous albums, which he freely admitted. His past-sobriety facts, starting from 2009's Relapse to 2020's Music to be Murdered By, have been a constant debate for every hip-hop fan. Some consider Eminem's fell off from grace, whilst his variety of income, streams, and stadium tours virtually show them otherwise. "It's the curse of the usual," he raps on Walk on Water. "That the primary of the Mathers disc set / Always searching for the verse that I haven't spit yet."

On this listing, we are counting down ten things, from manufacturing to the comeback of the goofy man or woman, that fans need to look on Eminem's subsequent album. Could it's a Bad Meets Evil file as an alternative? Only time will discover.


Should Eminem Bring Back Steve Berman?

Eminem on Relapse albumVia Shady/Aftermath

Yes, Steve Berman from Relapse, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show, and D12's Devil's Night albums is a real character. He is the Vice-Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M, the figure label Eminem's Shady Records, and Dr. Dre's Aftermath are signed to.

On every album he is featured, Steve Berman always complains approximately Eminem's work. With the contemporary Eminem-hate fashion throughout social media, it'll be a perfect in shape to have one more Steve Berman skit, criticizing how Eminem has now 'fell off' and 'washed up.'


Let Dr. Dre In The Booth

Eminem and Dr. DreVia Eminem/Instagram

Since day one, Eminem has always been a sidekick of Dr. Dre. The GOAT-ed manufacturer was closely involved within the making of just about each albums Eminem has ever placed out. The simplest assignment he failed to take part plenty turned into the 2017's polarizing album Revival, and all of us understand how horrible things turned for Eminem shortly after.

Revival obtained terrible opinions from the critics, criticizing Eminem's lack of know-how on state-of-the-art hip-hop sound. On the subsequent albums, Kamikaze (2018) and Music to be Murdered By (2020), Dr. Dre became closely worried within the making.


More Surprise-Release Tactic

Eminem for Kamikaze album photoshootVia Shady/Aftermath

Hype always kills the whole thing. One of the various reasons why Revival flopped and turned into hated a lot is because enthusiasts and critics speedy placed the album's beneath the microscope as quickly as the overall-of-popstar-cameos tracklist turned into revealed.

Following the achievement of wonder-released Kamikaze, Eminem realized that at the latter level of his career, the pleasant way to launch an album is to drop it out of nowhere and cause net interest. His next album, whether it's his twelfth or some other Bad Meets Evil report, may want to in all likelihood observe the path of Kamikaze and Music to be Murdered By.


Eminem Has To Step Out Of His Comfort Zone By Featuring OG Rappers

Eminem, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Nate Dogg in 2001Via AP

Now, maximum of the OG rappers from the golden technology of hip-hop are both retired or becoming podcasts, movies, producing, or dealing with their labels. With Eminem being one of the few rappers from the 90s who is still actively busy inside the rap game, he can make these rappers stepping down from the mountain.

Lyrically, Eminem nearly has no competitions in the meanwhile, so bringing rappers from the golden age might be suitable for hip-hop's competitive nature.


Modern-Day Producers Should Be On The Album

Tay Keith produced Eminem's Kamikaze albumVia XXL

Tantrum-stuffed Kamikaze and Music to be Murdered By are a return in shape, and thank you to fashionable-day manufacturers like Tay Keith, D.A. Got That Dope, Boi-1da, and others, both albums are sonically fresh and updated with modern-day hip-hop.

Eminem turned into never a entice rapper within the first place, but his last albums gave the fan a mild peek into what Shady sounds like in contemporary-day beats.


No More Over-Recycled Love Songs

Eminem and RihannaVia Eminem/YouTube

Love-and-hate, Bonnie-and-Clyde-like dating subject matter has been the backbone of Eminem's tune for years. The simplest album where he would not talk about his estranged romantic courting with females is Relapse, wherein he went complete psychotic. Even in his late 40s, Eminem nonetheless does communicate about it on Music to be Murdered By.

This is not pronouncing that Eminem have to distance himself off the connection subject matter, but given the truth that it is been informed an excessive amount of (with pop hooks, sometimes), Eminem have to provide this subject matter a rest. Put it to bed.


Ken Kaniff For The Culture

Eminem for The Slim Shady LP photoshootVia Shady/Aftermath

Eminem continually creates fictional characters and adjust-egos on his songs. One of the maximum memorable personas from his early albums is Ken Kaniff, a skinny purple-haired Caucasian male, who seems to be gay toward Em. Until these days, Ken Kaniff's last look become on The Marshall Mathers LP 2, in which he sings his parody of Berzerk at a toilet on the quit of Wicked Ways' skit.

Ken's return remains viable, because the rapper (jokingly, though) confirmed on his Lil Wayne's Young Money Radio episode.


Old School + New School? Why Not?

Eminem and Kendrick LamarVia Genius

Although he appears to hate most of the new-gen rappers, as he did on Kamikaze, Eminem nevertheless has a few love for people who keep the lyrical culture alive. He's shown his admiration for Juice WRLD, Young MA, YBN Cordae, as one of the few new-faculty rappers he listens to.

He also lists the likes of Joyner Lucas, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole on his top 15 rappers of all-time listing, and it'll be right for him if he steps out of his consolation quarter to head toe-to-toe lyrically in opposition to those hungry rappers.


No More Pop Fillers

Eminem and Skylar GreyVia CNBC

If there may be one most-hated issue about Revival is its abundance of father act appearances: Beyoncé, Skylar Grey, Kehlani, Alicia Keys, P!Nk, Ed Sheeran, and others. It's no longer the maximum unforgivable crime of hip-hop, even though, because such a lot of artists from Jay-Z to The Notorious B.I.G. Had completed it.

It simply seems a touch hypocritical for someone who constructed his career off mocking pop-stars to rely on them throughout the latter level of his career. Eminem regarded to choose an immediate manner to make a success however failed at executing it.


... And Definitely, No More Half-Cooked Rock Samples

Eminem on Berzerk tune videoVia Eminem/YouTube

If pop-fillers secured the primary spot, then the 1/2-baked rock sampling is the second one. Eminem is fantastic on rock-rap beats, and let's not forget that his signature music, Lose Yourself, became constructed round electric guitar and bass, two of the most prominent contraptions of rap-rock.

The problem with Revival is how terribly it changed into executed, as Trent Clark of HipHopDX placed it best, "Eminem's determination to wrecking mics like Robert Mueller can never be questioned, but the production selections nonetheless stay an enigma."

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