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Endowed Muslim lady, Surraiya share some amazing new pictures - See photos

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This lady Surraiya is really enjoying the lifestyle of a devoted Muslim and she did not seem to have any regret.

Is was one time decision for this lady when she wanted to becoming a Muslim and stop living her slay life.

She used to be a socialite and one of the most endowed young lady in Africa. She is a Tanzanian and still in her 20s but closing in on her 30s

Her birth name is known as Janeikunda Evarist Rimoy while most people know her as Sanchi or Sanchi world and she even uses this name on her social media pages as her username. The name Surraiya is the Muslim name she gave herself.

She was born as a Muslim according to her religion but she doesn't practice it at all but few months ago,she made the decision and ever since, she posts really amazing pictures to her page.

However, after a while she last posted on her Instagram page, she posted for the first in the month of July some new stunning pictures where she is well dressed in her Muslim cloth

Below are recent pictures she posted on her page:

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