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"When ladies see men with big cars" and 15 Funny Memes and Hilarious Replies

A meme can be a picture of sorts combined with text which is spread via the World Wide Web to communicate jokes, ideas, satire, or feelings. Memes have only recently become widespread and popular, and has now become an epidemic of sorts amongst today’s youth primarily. In this article is a compilation of interesting memes you would love.

The first one below shows a logo that many people don't know the meaning of it's acronym.

The hilarious meme below shows a very simple question thrown on a quiz show. The funny aspect is that the audience selection of answer is also wrong. If the meme is studied clearly, it will be seen.

Females often want the best man with money and properties while forgetting the fact that they didn't help to acquire those achievement. The meme below shows a man smiling at the fact.

The meme below is very simple one. When you borrow your friend money and he says he will pay next time he sees you. The simple meaning is that you can't get your money back.

There are more memes below for you to explore. Kindly follow for more updates and don't forget to like article when done. Also state your views at the comment section.

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