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Falz Vs Olamide, Who Has A Better Swag? See Photos

I think we all know Falz and Olamide. In case you don't Falz is a Nigeria Artiste or let me say musician, same goes to Olamide. So I make some comparison between those two. Falz or Olamide, who the you think has better Swag. The swag I mean here is not just to wear cloth but the way they rock the cloth and put some spicy pose like this Photos Below. 

This is Olamide (Just look at the swag, see the way Olamide Pose) 

While this is Falz(Just take a deep look at Falz Swag, see the way he pose with his Dog, the swag is just too much) 

Hope you know what I mean by swag now. Lets move on. 

Olamide Baddo really got a great Swag, you will never see Olamide Snapping or Posing in a photo without adding some spicy swag. If there is An Award like Swag Award, am very sure Olamide will be nominated, see for yourself. 

Now, let's move down to Falz. Believe me, Falz also got some spicy swag, have seen a lot of people dressing like Falz but they didn't get his Swag. Sometime I wonder how he came up with the swag he dropped day by day. There was a time he released a video (sweet boy association) everybody in the video wore a suit but the way Falz flaunt his own suit is just so swaggalious. See for yourself. 

It haven't finish. There is different in wearing Ankara and adding some swag to it. The difference are really clear. When it comes to rocking Ankara Outfit, Olamide is the best because Olamide got a great swag in flaunting the Ankara. See Photos (just see the way he pose) 

Now, I thought Olamide had the best Swag in Flaunting Ankara wears not until I saw Falz own, the swag is just too much. See Photo. 

Even if Olamide snap some portrait, he will still use swag to spicy it up. See Photos. 

Same goes to Falz(swag too much) 

After reading and checking their photos. Who the you think has better swag, drop your comment. 

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