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Secondary Education


When You Become A Prefect In Secondary School,22 Funny Memes You Get

1. That moment you reach SS3,you now be like

Let them do and give us post,let me start flogging junior students

2. When they now start calling positions,and you haven't heard your name

What is happening now? Me I need good post ooo.

3. When they now call your name as Senior Prefect,how you walk to the stage

4. When the Principal now tells you not to be flogging junior students,then you be like

No sir,am a very good senior. You can ask the junior ones. I have never handled cain before

5. When you promise the junior students you won't flog them,how they look at you

That is what they say,after they will use cain to finish us. Wicked seniors

6. When your class girls now start praising you as the S.P,how you carry your shoulders

7. When your food is now the biggest in the refectory,how you seat

8. When all your class girls now want to have you as boyfriend,you now be like

9. Then one of your classmates begs you for food,you now snub him like

Who is this one? When I was contesting for S.P, where were you? Rubbish

10. When you now start pressing your phone in hostel instead of going for night prep

S.P is sweet oo

11. When there is visitor in the school,they now send somebody to call you as the S.P,how you run and come

Good morning sir,how is the family? How is madam and the children? I am the Senior Prefect sir

12. Then your trouble starts. When you send a junior student to wash your clothes and he says he doesn't have soap,how you flog him

If I wipe you this belt! Oya run and wash those clothes now

13. Then you now call the student for talking back at you. How you flog him

Senior please naaa! I will not do it again!

14. Then the junior student goes home and calls his father,and they both come to school to see the person called S.P. When you hear of it,you now be like

15. When the Principal now calls you to his office,how you look like

Sir,Ochuko said you are calling me

16. How the Principal looks at you

And it's not even upto a term we gave you this post

17. When they now give you grass to cut,how you cry

18. When they now add two weeks suspension on top,you now be like

Bu- but sir,

19. How your classmates pity you

Eyaah! And he have not even enjoy his post

20. How junior students laugh at you

21. You now be like

22. How you start to think about your life

You see my life!

Thanks for reading. Comment,share and follow me up to get my next memes which I will be dropping very soon.

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