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Why BBN Fans Need To Stop Making Their Gifts A Competition

It's no longer news that bbnaija housemates get to receive gifts from their fans upon coming out of the reality show every year, what is news, is that they are beginning to turn it into a competition and rivalry.

The aim of these gifts is to appreciate their favorite housemates but close observation shows that it is now turning into a competition which brings us to the reason why these fans need to stop it and stick to the main objective of the gifts.

Angel's gifts by her fan base the Angel Smith Army1) Making it a competition breeds unhealthy rivalry between the fan base of each housemate. In trying to outdo each other, these fan bases fight on social media and go to the extent of criticizing housemates that are not their favorites and sometimes attack their social media handles.

Emmanuel's gift from his fan base, Emirates

2) It makes other housemates feel unloved and left out. This feeling is usually felt by housemates who have a little fan base. It is only natural that they would begin to feel jealous and left out when they see the kind of challenging gifts other housemates receive.

Liquorose's gift from her fan base, the Liquolions

Giving gifts is an act of love and should not be a competition. This brings toxicity and makes housemates do what they don't want to do just because they want to please their fans who contributed majorly to their growth. Not only should the gifts stop turning into a competition, but they also should be moderated.

Credit: Instagram/Angel Smith

Liquor Jose


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