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Funny photos of a man who tries to make bed after 45 years

Manson Washington was a manager at hardwood floor company. Although retired, the 66 year old man has been at home with his wife and he is thinking a way to help him out

He was told by his wife to start by making the bed in the morning. This was his first attempt after 45 years. The dressing was horrible.

Joanne, who was his wife was baffled by what she saw. Cushions and pillows were not placed well.

Instead of keeping them neatly, he piled it up against the head board.

She was amused for her husband pattern and she shared it on social medias.

Amazingly, the post got more than 15,000 likes, including comments and shares. People loved his trials 

After seeing the likes, he decided to make the bed in more funny ways to get more attention and likes.

Joanne said that his husband designs were so funny but I love he is making the bed every morning.

Each time I pass the bed sides, it makes me laugh.

I want other couples to learn from this. Also that they should teach one another what they do not know

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Joanne Manson Washington


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