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Confusion: If You See Her Like That, What Will You Do To her.

Confusion: If You See Her Like That, What Will You Do To her.

A young girl of 19 who was drunked, name Cynthia Odia was found sleeping out of control in her boyfriend room after she was abused by her friends.

Cynthia Odia is a secondary school student SS3, she was drove out of the school by her principal, she decided to branch her boyfriend place, her boyfriend was not around but the door was opened which her boyfriend Friend came for a visit, they saw her sleeping but her legs was opened widely. If it was you, what will do to her.

Later in the evening her boyfriend came back which he met his friends was laughing, he asked them why are you people laughing which they refused to them him but later they showed him the picture.

The boy called her girlfriend but the girl refused to come said she was busy, because the girl has left his place already, his friend was still laughing at him but the boy get angry.

Assuming if went to visit a friend and you saw something like this, what will be your intention, Sincerity.

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