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Fiction: The King's Delight Part 1

"Arìké is my native name but you can call me Hadassah. If you aren't convenient with those names, you can call me.... She was about to finish her statement before her father called her...."Arìké!" He shouted

"We shall continue another time, I have to go and meet Baami(my father)" Arìké said to Adigun as she stood up but he held her hand and said "Joor now, ma fi mi se le(Please, don't leave me alone). What I have to say, is very important"

"Woo(see), leave me alone. We shall continue tomorrow. Next time, if you have something important to say, you will go straight to the point instead of asking questions. You know, time wait for no one" she said and her father called her again.

"See, it is time for me to go o jare. Aa tun pade lojo mi(we shall meet another day), if God says so" she said and left his presence. Adigun friends, who were hiding at one side of the hut, came out and they started laughing...

"Kilo npa yin lerin(Why are you laughing?) He asked them and hissed. Instead of them to be quiet, they continued and were making jest of him

"You guys can laugh out your madness o but all I know is that in this village, it is me that will marry Arìké and I know how to handle her. So you guys should just keep laughing o because Arìké is mine" he said angrily.

"Who told you Arìké is yours? And how will you handle her o? If the whole guys in this village, can't handle her. It's now you, ordinary herdsman that will handle her. Better forget that girl; there are other beautiful virgin ladies out there, so why must it be Arìké? Ma pa ara e, fi omo yen sile(Don't kill yourself, leave that lady alone)" musa one of his friends said

"No, I won't leave her alone. Yes, there are other ladies but Arìké is different, apart from the fact that she is a virgin, fair and beautiful. She also has some characteristics that only I can understand. Don't worry; I will make use of the missing link. That is the way to make Arìké mine" he said and smiled to himself

"What is the missing link? His friends asked in unison

Are you also asking yourself that?

"I can't believe you guys are asking me this now. Can you guys now see why it is only me will marry Arìké. That shows you guys have not been sensitive enough. If you guys have being sensitive enough, you will know the missing link is the only thing that can give way into the heart of Arìké but I also need to know and study more before going to meet her" Adigun said

"Ehn, but you haven't told us the missing link yet" musa said

"So, I should tell you and you will go behind me to go and meet her. Ko jo (Not possible). Better let's go now, before her father meet us here" he said and they all left.

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