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Mide Martins Reveals Why She Fell In Love With Her Estranged Husband Afeez

It's real that no woman loves poverty. Every spinster wants an enthralling prince with wads of naira bills. Truth be told, an outsized percentage of single ladies would hardly choose a person who earns N50,000 monthly and he’s without a car!

But hundreds would do anything to urge an upscale bachelor with an incredible pay or a booming business who can foot the bill of a grand wedding that's Instagram-worthy.

For the past few days, the Yoruba film industry had been agog with the rumour of the hack of two popular members of the industry, screen actor and producer, Afeez Owo and his wife Mide Martins. whenever the rumour reared its head, the couple tried to douse the rumour. they're not only attending movie premieres together, they exit to most, if not all events. Their last public event was the wedding of comic actor, Sanyeri. a couple of years back, the rumour made the rounds again when a well-liked station announced their hack on a Yoruba programme. Not only did the presenters say the wedding is not any more, it said Mide packed out of her matrimonial home together with her 2 daughters. it had been after the radio programme that City People spoke to Mide who denied the rumour then. Now, the wedding has packed up. This was what she told us then.

Mide Funmi Martins, Nollywood actress and daughter lately Yoruba actress, Funmi Martins has disclosed that he married his husband, Afeez Abiodun aka Afeez Owo who was her mother’s manager due to his qualities she found in him.

Mide, who grabbed what life thrust at her when she lost her beautiful mother said Afeez Owo helped her mother with all the works she couldn't complete before her death.

Speaking during a recent interview, Mide gave some reasons why she agreed so far him 20 years ago.

She agree that she rejected him when he initially asked her out.

“Of course, it sounded strange when he initially came up thereupon idea, I asked him if he was okay. I didn't even think it might be possible because I saw him as my brother, and that we were very close. Initially, I told him it had been impossible for us to become lovers but with time, I saw some qualities in him which I admired.”

According to the mother of two, the qualities she saw wasn't money because Afeez wasn’t rich or good-looking then.

“He proved to be a reliable person. he's faithful, caring, and features a good heart plus the very fact that he's very easy-going. All of those appealed to me and that i reasoned that I should give him an opportunity in my life.”

Mide also advised any lady seeking a person to marry to stick to the present advice:

“It is sweet to twiddling my thumbs because not all that glitters is gold. My marriage has been a hit because I practised patience. once we started, things weren't as smooth as I wanted it to be but i used to be patient with him. We had our good and bad times but it’s necessary that you simply remain calm during the bad times.”

“Remember that cash doesn't guarantee happiness. Bachelors and spinsters should marry someone that's reliable and makes them happy.”

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