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Why Kira Kosarin is a good and respectable Nickelodeon actress.

Traditionally in film and television playing a superhero on screen means major life adjustments.

Anne Hataway infamously went through a body transformation for her role as cat woman, Melissa Benoist amped up her fitness routine and learned how to throw a punch before shooting Supergirl.But for Kira Kosarin who plays as a super hero Phoebe in the thunderman.

For instance Kira graduated at 16 as her senior class valedictorian, she skipped two grades and she received acceptance letter to Stanford University, where she has major plans to study psychology.

“I am an actor, so part of my job is to understand the way few people mind works”–she said, and minor in dance. Kira managed to accomplish all this while filming three season of Nickelodeon Thunderman, meaning she juggled set time with real class time all without letting her GPA slip. Keeping up with my academics while working was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, just being a high schooler is hard and just being an actor on TV is hard! So doing really both really increases the difficulty.

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