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Meet The Housemates of Big Brother Naija Season 5

By kelechi kad

The fifth edition of the popular reality show, Big Brother Naija is back with all the spices and trills he brings. For the fourth consecutive time, the host remains Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and starts with a tour of Big Brother's house, where new roommates will stay in the coming weeks.

  The new roommates have been introduced and they seem interesting and ready to entertain the spectators. They all come from different jobs in life and we can't wait to see them on our screen for the next two months.

  Meet the 20 new roommates by reading their short biography below.

  1. Ozo

  The consultant and businessman Ozoemena "Ozo" Chukwu (27), is from the state of Imo. One of his biggest successes is working with a UEFA federation in Europe. It is therefore not surprising that when you are not busy consulting or managing your urban clothing line, you find it while analyzing sports and watching documentaries and TV shows.

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? Learn to run out of music at full volume.

  What are your words for living? Without limits with a pinch of hope.

  What's your biggest hit? Working for a UEFA association. It was a job I was proud of and liked.

  2. Victoria "Vee"

Adeyele (23) is a musician and lives in Lagos, Nigeria. Vee, as she is affectionately known, was born and raised in London and moved to Lagos almost a year ago to begin her musical career, where she has already made great strides.

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? Definitely sleep for hours on end.

  What are your words for living? Live every day as if it were the last.

  What's your biggest hit? Perform at the Palmwine Music Festival last year.

  3. Prince

  Nelson Enwerem Prince (24) is a businessman from Abia. A company of all kinds whose portfolio includes models, fashion design and interior decoration. He likes active sport and reading ancient religions and African history. He graduated in pure physics from the University of Calabar and currently lives in Lagos.

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? Currency trading.

  What are your words for living? A good name is better than wealth.

  What's your biggest hit? Win Mr. Nigeria and compete in the Mr. World competition. It has earned me great respect in my city and honor among the elderly.

  4. Lilo

  Boluwatife "Lilo" Aderogba (23) is a dietician from Lagos, Nigeria. Lilo, as she prefers to be known, is also an entrepreneur and defines herself as "a product of God's grace".

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? I learned to sew.

  What are your words for living? Do you believe in God.

  What's your biggest hit? Starting my brand.

  5. TrikyTee

  Timmy Sinclair is a 35-year-old creative artist residing in Lagos, in the state of Bayelsa in Nigeria. Tricky Tee, as he is also known, considers himself a narrator who uses the media of cinema and music to express himself.

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? Now I do push-ups every day thanks to the padlock.

  What are your words for living? Don't promise anyone tomorrow, make the most of the present and live life to the fullest

  What's your biggest hit? The biggest success was winning the best director at the New York Sports and Cultural Festival in Abuja 2013 for the best theatrical drama.

  6. Lucy

  Lucy Essien is a 30-year-old businesswoman from Lagos. Even if she is a simple self-proclaimed girl and assures everyone that she is far from average. She believes in fairy tales and I hope Biggie House will provide her with exactly that.

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? Prepare the parfait, drink tea three times a day and without my phone.

  What are your words for living? Life is for the living. We live only every day. Be a decent human being, you never know.

  What's your biggest hit? My barbecue activity, joining Big Brother Naija, graduating with a 2.1 and not getting pregnant after all these years.

  7. Kiddwaya

  Terseer Kiddwaya (27) is a self-employed worker and hails from the state of Benue. Being a Big Brother Naija season 5 Housemate has Kiddwaya waiting for a better and crazier 2020. He describes himself as confident, handsome, ambitious, cheeky and highly motivated. It is therefore not surprising that "bringing fun back home" is not going to compromise this season.

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? I can spend a lot of time without a phone or TV.

  What are your words for living? You never know when time has run out, so it's best to do it.

  What's your biggest hit? Getting into health and fitness was my biggest hit. I was pretty plump, so I transformed my body and have been consistent ever since.

  8. Doratia

  Dorathy Bachor is a 24-year-old businesswoman from Lagos. Think you're the only one who should make you smile. His cunning will certainly prove to be a resource for Biggie's home.

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? I can sleep more than four hours. I also discovered the ability to quickly adapt to a new environment.

  What are your words for living? Don't let anyone see that they reach you.

  What's your biggest hit? SHOPFORME - Nigeria's largest buying company ... Amen.

  9. Praise

  Alabanza Nelson is a 28-year-old dancer from Enugu. He is not new to fame or competition, he was a winner of the K-Pop World Festival, South Korea 2015 and won third place in a national dance competition in 2010. He is also a personal and physical trainer and expert Salon certificate Latin.

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? Make more time to read.

  What are your words for living? Never stop fighting for the best that life has to offer, it can only improve.

  What's your biggest hit? Winner of the 2015 Korean World Pop Festival Changwon.

  10. Wathoni

  Florence Wathoni Anyansi is a 29 year old businesswoman. This multi-talented single mom juggles fashion and business blogs for parents. It is also bilingual and speaks and writes fluently in Swahili.

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? I started eating chocolates more than usual, praying with the rosary three or five times (no jokes) and thinking a lot.

  What are your words for living? You are unstoppable; You haven't come this far to stop now.

  What's your biggest hit? Provide my son, who will be chosen to work with Julius Berger among the graduates (I was a university student at the time), giving birth to a 4.3 kg baby.

  11. Touch

  Tochukwu Okechukwu Tochi is a 28-year-old rapper and real estate agent from the state of Imo. Live show and breathe. He confesses to being embarrassed a few days.

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? Create paper-only envelopes.

  What are your words for living? Work hard play hard.

  What's your biggest hit? Be independent and get an education.

  12. Ka3na

  Kate "Ka3na" Jones (26) is a businesswoman from Rivers, Nigeria. She describes herself as a strong woman who wants more from life. His dream is to become famous and own the largest luxury fashion brand in the world. She also believes that she will be the perfect roommate because she is ready to do whatever it takes to compete and win Big Brother Naija season 5.

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? The new habit I learned was sleeping naked and reading the Bible.

  What are your words for living? Do everything for the life you desire and live every day for the life you love.

  What's your biggest hit? My various properties and my daughter.

  13. Eric

  Eric Akhigbe (24) is an elder from the University of Lagos and comes from the state of Edo. The bodybuilder is a confident piece who prides himself on his 1.95m height. He describes himself as a fun and competitive sports fan who likes to win. In addition, Eric also describes himself as a shy person who takes his time to reveal his wild side.

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? Listen to my thoughts more closely and analyze them deeply.

  What are your words for living? Thank god for life ¬– #TGFL.

  What's your biggest hit? Help over 100 people achieve their fitness goals.

  14. Erica

  Ngozi "Erica" ​​Nlewedim (26) is an actress and model from London, England. Her name is Erica and she returned to Lagos after studying film acting at the Met Film School in London.

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? I started reading motivational books and watching YouTube real estate sales videos.

  What are the words you live with? At the end of your life, be satisfied because you have achieved all your goals, touched so many lives and loved so much.

  What's your biggest hit? I graduated from the London film school, I produced my first short film with a team in Birmingham and I participated in the film Hire a Woman.

  15. Brighto

  Ezekiel Bright "Brighto" Osemudiame is a 29-year-old sailor from the state of Edo. Brighto, as he is affectionately called, is the youngest of six children. He holds a degree in naval engineering from the Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime Transport in Alexandria, Egypt, with several other professional certifications. He also had a season in aviation. He considers himself a passionate lover of fun and a person.

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? I learned to pray more and to know what time it is without looking at a clock.

  What are your words for living? Life is too short, try as much as possible to make you happy and make everyone around you happy.

  What's your biggest hit? I have a scholarship to study abroad; I also obtained my third engineer license, including other professional certificates.

  16. Kaisha

  Aisha Umaru is a 25-year-old businesswoman from Sokoto state. This young adventurer considers herself a great team player who gets along well with people. It depends on a healthy diet and it fears God.

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? Talk to myself. I didn't know I could do it. It was strange but effective.

  What are your words for living? Never give up. You never know what can happen. Keep trying and keep pushing.

  What's your biggest hit? When I finished my skin care line, I was really proud of myself.

  17. Neo

  Emuobonuvie "Neo" Akpofure (26), popularly known as Neo, is a driver of transportation applications and native to the Delta State. Although he describes himself as fun, tolerant, loving and intelligent, he will not hesitate to be Indaboski Bahose when it comes to bullying and inequality issues.

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? Sketches

  What are your words for living? Always remain grateful, knowing that God is greater than my ups and downs. Since I do not spoil the person, no fit body ruins mine.

  What's your biggest hit? I won N 500,000 from a talent competition.

  18. Tolani

  Tolani Shobajo is a 27-year-old media personage from the state of Lagos. Tolani is an energetic and ginger girl. People always call it the party life. When you're not having fun, dance and cook.

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? Have a daily breakfast. I haven't realized how important breakfast is so far. It makes my day better.

  What are your words for living? Enjoy your life. Live it the way you want it because people will talk independently.

  What's your biggest hit? After moving to Nigeria, I got a job with one of the best music entertainment companies in the world in four months. I imagine following my dreams and my instincts. I decided to move home without 100% clarity and overall I'm thriving. I embarrassed my skeptics. I'm still here in Nigeria, winning. Hooray!

  19. Laycon

  Olamilekan "Laycon" Agbeleshe is a 26-year-old singer and rapper from Lagos. He graduated in philosophy from the University of Lagos, who started his musical journey at a young age and has now become one of Nigeria's most promising new school shows. He describes himself as versatile and capable of coining words to calm scenarios and moods.

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? I got into the habit of singing and reading my bible.

  What are your words for living? Facts don't care about your feelings.

  What's your biggest hit? I would say that having my song 'Fierce' on MTV BASE Top Ten on the charts for six months still surpasses everything I have done.

  20. Nengi

  Rebecca "Nengi" Hampson (22) is a businesswoman from the state of Bayelsa, Nigeria. She is a former model and competitor of MBGN's Top 5 who loves learning new things, having fun, traveling, embarking on new adventures and being true to herself. Nengi, as she prefers to be called, studied communication at the University of Port Harcourt and is a proud Capricorn. She proclaims: “If you want the job done well, give it to a Capricorn. I give 110% of my energy and enthusiasm in everything I do. "

  What new habit or ability did you acquire during the blockade? The ability to talk to myself and enjoy the conversation.

  What are your words for living? Live and let live.

  What's your biggest hit? Get my BSc. Many times I could have given up, but I persevered.

Hope this won't be like the former house show?

What's your opinion about this house mates?

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