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EXCUSIVE: My Girlfriend prepared my favorite Pepper Soup last night and this happened.

I came back from work yesterday and my girlfriend served me my favorite pepper soup. 

My girlfriend has been in my house since Wednesday and I've been enjoying myself. I left her at home yesterday and went to work, on my way back I bought suya for her and she was so excited. 

I came into the house, gave her a good hug and went to the bathroom to freshen up. Before I came out, she had served a very delicious cat fish pepper soup for me, and she served me the part I love so much, "the head"

I took the pepper soup and it was so delicious and I really enjoyed myself. I started thinking of getting married, no wonder married men are getting fat.

I finished taking the pepper soup and she came to clear the table, I didn't know there is another surprise. 

I put on the Television to see a movie, before I could check the channels, she has served another delicious meal with a bottle of wine, my heart was filled with joy, I started feeling like a married man. 

When I finished eating, I started thinking of how to reciprocate, eventually, I gave it to her last night like never before. Please don't ask me what I gave to her.

I'm thinking of getting married now, what do you think? Please drop your opinion at the comment section, thanks.

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