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Oritse Femi (Musical Taliban number 1), teamed up with Duncan Mighty (Port Harcourt's 1st son) to do a refix of his song titled “Dey Your Own“. Produced by Vicebeatz and least I forget with a touch of strings courtesy the incredible Fiokee

The song was initially released earlier this year but Oritse Femi feels he needed a touch of Wene Mighty vibe on this thoughtful song. The track is geared towards enlightening people to be more concerned about building themselves than paying attention to another man’s matter or the gossips that go around.

Oritse Femi also addressed the issue of people showing you fake love, this is not the first time Duncan Mighty is working on this kind of subject matter as he already featured on Wizkid's fake love, so it was a smooth ride for him all through.

Let's take a quick look at the lyrics;

Tah tah tah tah Musical taliban number 1…Ehh 

Onyeoma na Oriste Femi nwa mama 

(Wene nuwa oriste fe ne fe fenu) 

This love way we dey live eeeh 

Na dey your own make i dey my own jeje jeje 

This world way we dey eh eh eh 

Na do your own make I do my own oh oh oh 

Na papa God dei blessing he the work 

I no know waity dem wan kill me for 

Small thing them go don dey look for fault 

Shey na everything them go want to dey judge 

If to say na human being be God 

Nothing for this world go dey work 

Thank God say man no be God  

No man for dey this world 


Uwa shirike eee 

Ile aiye leee oo Ndi uwa shirike 

Ara aiye lee won le koko 

Them go tell you say them be your best man 

When money don finish dem tuwama 

Dem go promise say dem go pay your salad 

 Dem go still want make you commit suicide oh oh oh 

Ebiri oh ebiri kan biri oh 

Ebiri oh ebiri kan biri oh 

If them no call you dey your lane 

No go carry another man gbege 

Ebiri oh ebiri kan biri oh 

When the mighty see them coming aproko 

Olalekan only you know all my enemies 

My followers counting in millions he no dey see 

Anytime you see me you must tell me say 

Idi araba say say say …Olaniyi wantu killi me 

But you forget say 

The reason why they choose your house to table my mater oh 

They know you be number 1 person way wan see me die  

Wan make me cry oh…Abegi park e well oh 


Uwa shirike eee leh 

Ile aiye leee oh oh 

Ndi uwa shirike eeh 

Ile aiye lee won le koko oh 

Some girls them go dey fall for you like say dem love you die 

When money don finish dem tuwama 

She go follow that man with a Range Rover 

If you cam na foot she go tell you game over 

Oh oh 

Ebiri oh ebiri kan biri oh 

Ebiri oh ebiri kan biri oh 

As dem dey warm you dey your lane 

No go carry another man gbege o 

Ebiri oh ebiri kan biri oh 

(Hey oriste Femi I love you

 Taaah comot for here 

Who you love? Carry dat your fake love comot for my front)

So, what do you think about this new song? Kindly drop your view in the comment section.

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Content created and supplied by: Prince_phelar (via Opera News )

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