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23 Years After Yoruba Movie 'Oleku', See Current Photos Of Ajani & The 3 Ladies He Was In Love With

Wow, it's been 23 Years after the blockbuster movie Oleku and the current look of the actor is still amazing. Though some of them has gone under the fame and left acting while some are still partially involved in it.

Oleku is a blockbuster movie around the 70s days of the Yoruba movie, it was really a movie that took Nigeria by storm. A movie we learned so much from and one of the classic movies of Tunde Kelani.

Oleku was aired in 1997 and Tunde Kelani as always never disappointed with amazing sets, classic Yoruba wears called the Iro and Buba. It was really breathtaking to watching the movie again. It's really an evergreen Yoruba movie.

The movie which does not fall short of great actors as the cast was superb, talents such as Yemi Shodimu, Lere Paimo, Saka Ayetoro, Feyikemi Abodunrin, Pauline Dike, Omolola Amusa and others.

The story of the movie was really superb that most Nigerians can relate to. It's about a university student, Ajani who is in his final year and was getting pestered by his mother to bring a wife and you know, the grandchild kind of talks. Then he got entangled with three beautiful ladies called Asake, Lola and Sade.


Ajani was an undergraduate who is in his final year, much like a final year student. After so many pep talk about having a Wife, he made some decisions as he got entangled with his longtime girlfriend, Asake, 100Level Student, Lola and Sade, his childhood friend which he later married. He later had an accident and died when he head about Asake Suicide attempts.

See his recent photos;


Asake was the long time girlfriend of Ajani, a school teacher whowase really in love but due to Asake's father attitude, their beautiful relationship was not meant to be. She even lost her pregnancy because of her father. The beautiful lady tried committing suicide but was saved by her family. Ajani upon hearing the news of her suicidal attempts met with an accident.

See her current photos;


Lola is an undergraduate like Ajani. She just gained admission as 100Level student when she met Ajani, and they kick-started their relationship. She left him when she heard Asake was pregnant for him.

See her current photos;


The beautiful Sade, the daughter of a popular rich man in the movie was Ajani childhood friend who Ajani finally chose as his wife.

See her current photos;

Wow, they still look beautiful and they are really doing great in their respective field.

23 Years after, watching Oleku still gives me goosebumps and am sure it's like that with you too.

If you would love to watch the movie again, click this link below

How do you think it should have ended if you have watched the movie?

Should Ajani have waited for Asake and Who do you think Ajani should have chosen between the beautiful ladies.

What do you think?

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