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4 Types Of Girls And How To Win Their Heart

Guys Here are 4 types of girls and how you can win their heart and for ladies reading this i suggest you share this to your boyfriends to help them and get the best out of them.

Shy Girls: Please I don't know what you are thinking right now but "shy" does not mean "boring".

This type of girls is more reserved which means as a guy you have some certain obligations if you must win their heart.

And one of the obligations is a compliment: you must learn to observe and genuinely compliment her. It works like magic to shy girls.

Short Girls: They may be short individuals but you just can not deny the fact that good things in small packages, so do not underestimate them.

This type of girls like to be hugged, don't forget that. Imagine her hands you around your waist and her forehead just on the chin, trust me girls love that feeling.

Learn to carry them some times but do not over it.

Romantic and fun-loving Girls: This does not in any way mean sit back, relax and them take you through the ride, a thousand times No. Rather it's the opposite if you have fallen for this kind of girl no worries you will love them just learn to take them out, watch movies together, gist about music or if you have some hidden musical skill its time to blow her mind off with you vocals.

Food Loving Girls: If am correct one of the world best chefs are men. Breakfast in bed is not a fantasy but rather a fantastic opportunity to sweep her off of her feet with your cooking skills.

This as little as it may sound shows her that you are not just passing time with her.

Try some this tips it and be honest when doing them

Content created and supplied by: Whizrock_blogspot (via Opera News )

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