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Fiction: "Wonder Shall Never End " Woman Cries Out As A Stubborn Evil Spirit Persists


Evil spirit do exist .

We all should be careful in whatever we do so we don't attract evil things .

If you are reading this article,do well to read to the end .

A lady cries out , begging the public to pray for her .

According to her,she has a stubborn evil spirit in her which make her to loose things, gets angry quick and refuse help from people.

The lady also said that she lost 10thousand Naire due to this stubborn spirit.

Do you think she needs prayers?

Although,she also said she needs a powerful man of God who will pray for her and remove the evil spirit that is tormenting her .

Is the prayer necessary?

What is your take on this?

Do well to like,share and comment.

Opinion: I feel that she is not tormented by any spirit but all this behavior is her character.

What do you think ?

Is she tormented by any spirit?

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Naire Wonder Shall Never End


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