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6 lessons every Nigerian should learn from Ozo's family

If is there a family in Nigeria to be envied by many, then it must be Ozo's Family. Who is Ozo? Ozoemena Chukwu is a Reality Tv Star who featured in the Season 5 of Big Brother Naija. The Igbo born sport Analyst is a dude handsome enough to be every lady's dream. He hails from the family of 6; a father, a mother and 3 sisters including himself making six. 

Out of the six, all the rest are Medical Doctors except Ozo and one of the girls who is a Lawyer. Ozoemena is a Bachelor Degree holders in Economics; a course he Graduated from with a first class Horns. Dr. Chukwu, the father is a man every Nigerian fathers should emulate at all cost. This is because, he is a man who values education so much that he won't compromise anything that will discourage him from training his children in school. Ozo is the first and only son of the family but Receives equal treatments as his sisters when it comes to Education. 

This is why you really need to learn from this family so that your family can be like this or even more than. It is on that note I bring to you 6 Lessons you should learn from this lovely family.

1. Education is the key to success. 

Many people are of the opinion that you don't need to go to school to succeed but they fails to understand that, no matter how you succeed without Education, a time is coming that you will face Academic related challenges. For those who thinks without education, one can succeed also forgot that through education you gain the necessary wisdom and Technical know-how required for your success. When you start business as an illiterate and an educated fellow start the same business with you, such person would make more profits than you because he must have learnt a lot of strategies from school. Therefore for you to succeed in whatever you are doing you need to be educated.The family of Ozoemena Chukwu is succeeding because they followed education from the basis. Through this education all the children are now established and are making money on their own.

2. Female children are as important as male children.

A lot of people are of this mindset that female children are not important. They believe their education ends in the kitchen and for that reason, they chooses not to train them in school. This is a very bad assumption. They also think females are not important because when they get married, they bears their husband's name which is true but bearing their husband's name doesn't mean they are no longer your children. It also doesn't mean that they won't help you when the time comes. I have seen a lot of female children who help their parents more than the male children. If you look at this family under discussion carefully, you will notice that the children are children to be proud of.

Their father and mother can never lack where these children are because having two doctors, a lawyer and an economist is not a joking matter. Following the beliefs of some, Ozo should have been the most important child out of this family but if you observe carefully, you will notice that he is not totally so.

3. What a man can do, women can also do. People believe that men are the best to be trained in school because they can handle professional courses like engineering and others, but when you look at the family of Ozo so carefully, you will notice that they're having a lawyer (professional career), they are having doctors (professional career). This shows that what you think men can do, women can do more than that if given the chance. If men are intelligent to pass out of school excellently, women are also intelligent to do same. What this means is that, the brain of men is the same as the brain of women when it comes to academics.

4. When you make your female children proud, they will equally make you proud.

The moment you believe in your female Children's abilities and decided to Train them in school and make them proud of you, they will in turns make you proud. In case you have not noticed, it is more difficult for the female Children to abandon their parents than the male Children. What this means is that, female Children are more compassionate than the male Children when it comes to taking care of their parents. For instance, when the parents are sick, it is mostly the female children that goes to stay with them. the male children in most cases only send money for their hospital bills. Therefore, for them to do all these for you, you need to make them proud by training them in school. Ozo's sisters are super proud of their father because he trained them in school.

5. Marrying a working-class wife doesn't mean your children won't be well trained.

Most men believe that if their wife is working, she won't be able to take care of the children so for that reason, they prefer having a wife that won't be working. In the case of Ozo's father, his wife is working professionally and all her children are well trained. Therefore, if you are in the school of thought that says when a wife is working, she won't be able to take care of the children, you better change your mindset.

6. Any money you invest in your children's education is a lifetime investment.

Some parents don't like training their children in school both male and female simply because they do not know the value of education. They fail to understand that education is the greatest investment any man can ever make. When you train your child in school, all the money you spent are meant to be recovered after your children start making it. You might spend a million naira to train a child in school and after everything, the child might buy you a car worth 3 million naira. This means from that single gifts you have recovered the money you spent on him or her and even make game of 2 million naira. This is just a single gift not to talk of other things he or she is going to do for you. For this reason if you are a parent reading this article or you are an aspiring parent, try as much as possible to invest in your children's education like Ozo's father.

That will be all for now. What can you say about Ozo's Family? Please share.

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