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12 Caricatures of Your Favourite Celebrities That Will Make You Laugh–Part 2

Caricatures can be so funny because they distort the bodies, especially the faces of people you may know. Caricature artists exaggerate peculiar features of a well known celebrity, intended to make the viewer laugh.

With this in view, his article makes another list of the Caricatures of your favourite celebrities.

Try not to laugh hard

1. Kim Jong-un.

Please don't let the North Korean president see this. Or else he may ban this platform😁

2. BB King.

He is a renowned American singer. But why does it look like our own Obasanjo?

3. Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean's face is comical already. Even the caricature is finer than him😃

4. Samuel Jackson

There was no way Samuel would not make this list. His head betrays him.

5. Donald

When Trump squeezes his nose like this, he looks just this way.

6. Morgan Freeman

Morgan is the finest looking old man ever.

7. Frank Ribery

This incisors must not be used as a weapon. It would be disastrous.

8. Vin Diesel

Vin is fast and furious. Don't play with him.

9. Bruce Willis

I honestly believe that this stature fits the sound of his name.

10. Steve Buscemi

The American actor has been bastardized. He looks way better but what can I say.

11. Anthony Anderson

The popular Black-ish actor loves to open his mouth wide.

12. Nicholas Cage

Why does The Ghost Rider actor look so anxious here?

13. Kanye West

I wonder what Kanye keeps in his cheeks. It's like that in real life.

Were these funny? Which cracked you up the most?

Please drop your comments below.

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