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Husband and wife relationship

Why you must ensure your husband takes part 100 % in house chores.

Its very common to have men loiter around the house doing nothing when there are myriad of house chores to be done.This is not a today thing. Its been there since ages but that still doesn't make it right even when the society is still bent on promoting it.Even as children, you see the girls working their ass out while the boys are comfortably lying down doing nothing and its not perceived to be a crime

Heading down straight to the topic.You need not allow this trend continue in your marriage for these reasons below; you can't as a wife be struggling , trying to fix the house ,trying to fix the food ,trying to fix the children,24 hours restless, while the man and your partner he is,is comfortably seated or lying down, busy with his phone.crawling from Facebook to WhatsApp to Twitter to Instagram.To many more you can mention.while hiding under the umbrella of trying to press buttons to realize money for the family.

Funny enough, these men are just busy having a good time on the phone ,entertaining their eyes with what's going on in the world while the woman is toiling endlessly in the house trying to fix things .And you know what's funny about all these,days are gone when raising money for the family was strictly done by the men ,even the women now take part in these raising money duty in the family.

See reasons why you hundred Percent need to incorporate your husband in the house chores. 1.;so that you don't break down.There's a saying that if the rat eats alone, it will die alone. So stop jumping up and down all by yourself alone when you have an able bodied husband who can give you a helping hand.All you need do is devise a means to talk things out with your hubby,so he can start seeing reasons to be assisting you in the right chores ain't for anyone in particular. If there are 10 works to do and the wife starts working on it immediately with the husband starting out at the other end ,in few minutes all work will be ended and everyone will achieve rest.But when the lever is carried just one sided ,it will keep weighing the one person carrying it down and it will take longer time to conclude the work.

Secondly,Doing house chores together with your husband is another great means of creating a great bond between you and your husband.Its funny many couples hardly discuss with each other when they are together inside the house.It becomes like all man to his own tent .The woman is busy with work,the man is faced head down engrossed to his phone.The day your husband will start helping you out in the house is the day that jinx of silence will be broken.Reason being that the both of you would have started sharing another common meeting ground asides "on top of the bed".And before you know it ,there will be plenty to talk about.Asides that ,people naturally love to speak to someone with whom they are working with.In summary,it builds this bond of friendship between you and your husband. And trust me you wify,its one of the greatest things that can happen to you in marriage. Having a friend in your husband.

Thirdly,It prepares you to be a better wife to your husband. What more do men cherish like having their wife respond to them when its time for sex.when your husband starts partaking fully in the house chores, the chores finish faster and you will have more time to relax before its " sex time".Also,you the wife will have more energy reserves to put in the best of your self for him during "play time " .Also it helps increase your crave for your husband and further makes you want to go intimate with him.It gives you that sense of I have a loving husband,unlike the kind that leaves the entire house work to you ,only to approach you when you are done and worn out,trying to convince you into making love with him.

The last and most important of them all, it reduces the chances of your husband loitering online looking for another woman to play with. An idle mind they say is the devils workshop.Nature too they say abhors vaccum.So as long your husband is not busy.So long as he is just there lying down all to his phone for long hours just pressing on it, he has a greater tendency to start pinging on ladies online just for the fun of it.And from fun it will grow into something serious.So your husband shouldn't be idle when there are chains of work to do.Get your husband to be involved in the house duties .Which ever way you will get him to join you in doing those chores,just try and get him.Be it via dialogue ,Be it by force,Be it by persuasion,Be it by petting him into joining you.Whichever way that works for you,you know best .But make sure you get your husband to take part 100% in the house chores.

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