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Top 30+ funny and hilarious memes

24/7 on duty

Our time is also coming

Super mom power. But how do they do it?!

He will soon run away. If the machine doesn't spoil sef

Lol! Public property

But he didn't see me Hhhhh

Only zee world fans will understand

Goan buy your own charger my friend

Can't wait

Especially in an exam. You can't trust that brain again


Make una no forget ooo. I still dey

Barber wey sabi

Only Avatar fans will understand

Wait tii you fail jamb sef

Any idea why that is?

This bank is not taking any risk hmmm


Na instant regret be this ooo

Very relatable meme

What would you do?

Relatives want to eat jollof rice be that

This wan kon rub paint for head lol

Hmmmm. Very understandable

This one can be ready for anything

Please like my post

The hustle is reaaal

Na joke oooo lol

Hope to get this lucky in life

Sometimes that would be yourself

Virtual sanitizer

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Avatar Barber Goan Lol


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