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Another way Whitemoney has indirectly shown he is in love with Queen, even without saying it

No matter how hard a man can be, the truth is that there comes a point when he will be shown love and attention by a particular lady, that love he never imagined would start growing even without his knowledge. Love brings about jealousy, care and also affection and any man that has started loving you, won't want to see you with another man.

Although Whitemoney and Queen of the Big Brother Naija show have always maintained that they are just friends, it seems he's started falling in love with the lady, due to her love and care towards him. As they were having a conversation last night, the 29-year old man made it clear to the lady that even if she wanted to play with other guys, she shouldn't do it before him, because he's an old school man, but rather she should do it behind him.

Queen disagreed, saying anything she did behind him, she would still tell him, and it wouldn't be fair if she started doing such behind him, which Whitemoney later agreed to.

See the video link below.

Recall also that he once picked up a quarrel with her during his reign as head of house, after she told him, that she would want to be intimate with Cross someday, even though she later apologized for hurting his feelings.

He's subconsciously falling in love with Queen:

The guy, right from the outset of the show, has always kept his eyes on the grand prize, and has refused to let anything distract him. Although he earlier talked about having one or two feelings for Jackie B, which the lady didn't agree to, he still hasn't let his relationship with Queen change his mind. 

However, this sudden statement from him to her makes it obvious again, that he could be jealous if he sees her with other guys but tries to suppress it. What majorly brings about jealousy is when one's love is being shared and Whitemoney's revelation makes it obvious that he is already.

Although nothing of being in love has clearly been stated by him or her, the two housemates do share a lot together, including kisses and sleeping in the same bed many nights.

Do you think they could have something more after their stay, or it's all strategy from either of them?

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