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Which Spoon Were you Born With? 40+ Funny Pictures and Memes

- I was born in the car but died out me carbon dioxide.

- But why do visitors pretend to focus on T.V whenever they see food coming?

- finally i smoke weed for the first time today and nothing happen to me. Happy Friday as we enter 2013 today we shall see 2004.

- I want to CHANGE my Facebook name To DEATH so when i click WAVE in messenger, facebook will Be like:" DEATH is Waving At You".

- Drop three equipment of your Work, and let somebody 

Guess ur job.

Mine: Cutlass, gun and face mask.

- Am still keeping my ex pic because I want to show my kids how Santa look like.

- Who else has take this Risk. Naked run, from bathroom to bedroom?

- Which part of your body do you owe a serious apology to?

Me: my mouth.

Thank you for reading this to the end.

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Santa Spoon


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