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Sad moments in the lives of Iya Rainbow and Iya Awero

A proverb says no matter how bright sun is, a little cloud must be present in the sky. This is the story of Lanre Hassan and Idowu Philips, popularly known as Iya Awero and Iya Rainbow respectively. These two have faced some dark moments in their life before getting to where they are presently.

First, I will tell you the sad story about Iya Awero before talking about that of Iya Rainbow. Iya Awero lost two of her children while filming and she also lost her husband early. Can you imagine losing two of your children while you are filming somewhere and also losing your husband. Yet the Lagos State born actress refused to give up on her dreams and she is presently one of the most celebrated veterans.

Till now, the actress has refused to get married and has been single for quite a number of years now. According to reports, she refused to get remarry because she said getting married again means she will be starting all over again, she thus decided to focus on her children.

Also, Iya Rainbow who worked an an healthcare assistant also lost her her husband who is a close associate of the legend filmmaker Hubert Ogunde. The actress partner died early as well. The mother of five decided to go fully into acting and refused to also remarry. Now she is being celebrated home and abroad.

These are the sad moments in the life of these two veterans.

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