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Madonna's Secret To Looking Ageless At 63

The iconic pop star is 63, but it's almost impossible to determine that she is that age; especially with her smooth 30s skin.

"After harnessing her aging skin with facials from a heroin addict before her fame fetched her millions of dollars", Madonna has come far now, and owns her own skin-care line, known as MDNA SKIN".

And to add to that, the talent queen of pop has her personal aesthetician to give her skin the ultimate thing it needs to constantly remain young.

Tarin Graham, who has been the genius behind her youthful look and beauty, finally revealed how she keeps Madonna looking young the way she does.

She opened up by saying, that she uses several ant-aging treatment creams on Modonna's skin which include "microdermabrasion, photo facial treatment, micro-current and an Oxygen treatment.”

Research carried out by E!News clearly explain that “Microdermabrasion is an extensive exfoliation treatment, in which a pressurized jet releases crystals to get rid of dead skin cells that your exfoliating cleanser can’t get to".

The end result of this, is a smooth and radiant complexion. The photo facial treatment which is known as IPL therapy, uses laser to target certain discoloration and redness in the skin.

Further insights were shared on how women can undergo the Madonna treatment at home at a lesser cost, since it is not something that seems to be available and cheap for all.

And in so doing, “Women are told to incorporate some certain ingredients into their beauty routines to prevent the common signs of aging".

These ingredients are hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and retinol. They all prevent wrinkles.

It is often best as well, for women to do face cleansing at night before sleeping. Using "MDNA SKIN the Rose Mist, is Madonna’s ultimate favorite product". And it all seems to be working well for her.

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