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Meet The Smallest Living Woman And Her Husband (Photos)

Meet Mrs Jyoti Amge, the smallest living woman alive, according to the Guinness world book of Records. She got married around 2017. Mrs Amge married the love of her life at the age of 23.

Let us see Five Insteresting facts about Mrs Amge

1 . Who is Mr Amge?

She is currently 23, and hails from Napur, India. Her weight is just 11 pounds and she stands at 23 inches, according to Records from Guinness. According to Guinness world record, she has an uncommon from of dwarfism known as achondroplasia.  

2 . She likes to be treated normally

On her social media handle, she reiterates that she likes to be held like a baby and would let some of her fans to pick her up. She also gets furious when someone keeps touching her her nd keeps touching her without permission.

3. Acting is her Dream

In an interview in a show, she said that she likes to act in Movies. Quoting her, she says that “my Biggest Dream is that I go to Hollywood and become an actress”, her dreams have finally come true.She featured in a popular movie where she appeared as Ma petite-the name of the movie is American Horror Story: Freak show.

4 All her clothes and Jewelry, utensils and plates are very much customized

5 she weighs around 11lb(5kg)

She wonderful photos of herself and her very supportive husband.


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