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As Rihanna Clocks 33, See Photos Of Her Father, Mother, Half Sisters, Half Brother And Her Brothers

Today is a great day in the music industry as famous singer Rihanna clocks 33. Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born on February 20 1988 and most of her fans don't know she has two half-sisters and a brother.

Rihanna also has two younger brothers and today we'll take a brief introduction to her family members including her mum and dad.

Ronald Fenty- Her dad

Ronald Fenty was born on August 6th, 1954. He married her mum Monica and they gave birth to Rihanna with two other boys.

Mr. Ronald had kids with three different ladies who are Rihanna's half-sisters and brothers.

Ronald split from her mum back in 2002 when Rihanna was still a teenager, he was addicted to being drunk and beating her mum. Despite everything, Rihanna made it known in an interview that she made peace with her dad and she has forgiven him.

Rihanna also bought him a luxurious mansion in Sandy Lane to prove she had forgiven him.

Monica Braithwaite- Her mum

Born April 5th, 1969, Monica Braithwaite and Ronald gave birth to Rihanna back in 1988, Rihanna is close friends with her mum just like her dad.

Rihanna also bought her a 5 bedroom mansion.

Monica gave birth to Rihanna and two other boys for Ronald.

Meet her Siblings

Rorrey Fenty- Her brother

He was born on November 13, 1989, and he's a supportive fan of Rihanna. Rihanna also supported him in his career which he started in 2012, she also bought him a bleach house in Barbados and helped him start his fashion line named Orign.

Rajad Fenty - Her brother

Born on the 15th of April 1996, Rajad is also a huge fan of Rihanna and a supportive one. He's a frequent guest at Rihanna's concert and he sometimes visits her on set when she does her music video.

Kandy Fenty- her half-sister

Ronald have other love affairs before he married Monica, he had a child named Kandy from one of those affairs and that's his oldest child.

Rihanna is also on good terms with her half-sister Kandy, Kandy stays in Barbados and she's a huge fan of Rihanna.

Samantha Fenty- Her half-sister

Samantha is the second daughter of Ronald Fenty, she's also from another mother. Rihanna is friends with Samantha and she's also a huge fan of Rihanna.

Jamie Fenty- Her half brother

Born in 1984, he's the direct older brother to Rihanna and he's the first male child of Ronald Fenty from a different mother. Jamie works as a graphics artist and he's also on good terms with his half-sister Rihanna.

Now that you've met Rihanna's biological parents and her siblings, share with others, and don't forget to wish Rihanna a happy birthday.

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