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Oleku, Saworoide, and Three Other Yoruba Movies from the 90s

The Yoruba movies industry has served us good home movies since inception. Movies that influence our characters, governance, and lifestyle as humans. Well, today let's look into some movies that we all need to see if we haven't seen them before:

1. Oleku

An epic blockbuster produced by the renowned Tunde Kelani. The story revolves around a young man Ajani, a final year student of the University in desperate search for a life partner because of pressure from his mother. He gets confused as he must pick among a 100L student her just met, a classmate, and a childhood friend. The movie talks a lot about things you need to look out for in a woman before getting married.

2. Ti Oluwa Ni Ile

The movie written by Kareem Adepoju popularly known as Baba Wande remains one of the best when it comes to Yoruba vintage movies in the 90s. Produced in 1993, Ti Oluwa Ni Ile is a story of people who connived to sell ancestral land in a fraudulent manner. The culprits started dying one after the other with no cause. The story suggest the traditional religion encouraged man to co-habit with nature.

3. Saworoide

Also directed and produced by Tunde Kelani is another Yoruba vintage movie produced in the late 90s. The story talks about the selfish interest of some people in the government and how far they are willing to go to put away anything that threatens their governance. This will indeed be a good watch for you, kindly watch out for "Oba Lapite", "Lagata", and "Arese".

4. Agogo Ewo

The other part of Saworoide continues the story of the change in Government after tyranny. It also exposes the fact that not the supreme leader his bad at all times but bad advise could compromise a good leader. Watch how the King of Jogbo deals with his bad advisers.

5. Yemi My Lover

In the days of Ogunde films production, Yemi my lover remains one of the best classic of all time. Most people who watched it said it was filmed like a Bollywood movie. The movie is a love story an how a husband pleases his wife with songs. A must watch for everybody.

Now, don't be selfish, share this article and let your friends enjoy this movie also. If you have seen it before, you can do so again.

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